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Property Investment


Would you like to make your money work for you? Property investment can help you build wealth. How have the government changes to investment loans impacted you? Increases in interest rates and LVR? SMSF? Confused?

Purchasing an investment property can provide many advantages including capital growth and tax benefits of negative gearing and depreciation. In consultation with your accountant, we can structure an investment loan to maximise these financial benefits and assist with growing your property portfolio.

Then allow PKM Loan and Mortgage Advisors to explain and take away the worry with their extensive and in depth knowledge. We have a wealth of experience with property investment. We can meet with you to discuss your plan for buying an investment property, including the loan options available, to give you a complete understanding of the process.

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) loans

As part of a diverse wealth creation plan, the acquisition of property through a self-managed super fund (SMSF) has become increasingly popular. Under this arrangement, an SMSF has the capacity to purchase a residential and commercial property for investment purposes. Having an SMSF gives clients the capacity to control their own destiny with their retirement planning and ensure their path to financial freedom is well guarded.

Buying property through an SMSF is highly regulated and places many restrictions on borrowing. The SMSF does not own the property directly as the asset is held via a bare trust company. The loan is a limited recourse facility and the repayments are made through rental income from the asset and contributions made to your SMSF.

Development finance

Property development can provide lucrative returns but it can also be a recipe for disaster if you enter this world without a plan or the right team around you. We have assisted developers with funding for their projects including multi-level apartment buildings, factory developments and land subdivisions.

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