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Commercial Loans

Whether you’re buying commercial property (office block, retail shop or a factory) to occupy or invest, in your SMSF. Perhaps you’re starting a brand new business, buying an already established business, purchasing a franchised business or looking to expand your existing business

The opportunities and challenges of being a business owner mean that you need a finance partner who knows the range of funding options available. PKM Loan and Mortgage Advisors has a comprehensive understanding of business funding and can provide advice on all funding options. We have close relationships with our lenders, which means we can negotiate a competitive deal for your business banking requirements.

Commercial Property

Buying commercial property is an important part of the wealth creation strategy for many of our clients. Whether you’re looking to purchase a commercial office, a factory or a retail shop, we can provide the right advice to help you make an informed investment decision.

The lending requirements for buying a commercial property differ from a residential property purchase. Lenders require a larger deposit from you and will also look at the strength of your proposed lease agreement. You may even be looking to purchase a commercial property for your own business to occupy. We can help you calculate repayments to decide if this strategy will help liberate you financially.

Not only is a loan structure important to discuss with commercial property, but getting advice from your accountant on an ownership structure is imperative before purchasing a commercial property.

Cash Flow

PKM Loan and Mortgage Advisors has extensive experience in cashflow lending, including debtor finance and trade finance. Cash flow lending lets you access money tied up in your outstanding invoices and you’re Stock, without the need for bricks and mortar security. It’s an outstanding way to fund business growth, develop new products or services, make acquisitions or complete business succession plans.

Construction Finance

PKM Loan and Mortgage Advisors has a long association with property developments. Our expertise is extensive with an acute understanding of the intricacies associated with property development. Whether you have a smaller 4 unit developments or a larger high-rise developments, residential or commercial, we deliver a hassle-free service through securing superior development finance structures, with the banks or specialist construction lenders.

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